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21 March 2008

A variety of great NEW cabbing materials!

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Wow.  Last weekend’s gem show was awesome!!  It brought me a boatload of new goodies to work with, and that has had me oh so eager to pass the days away happily cabbing up a storm.  Might as well, since it’s been snowing here, as it is this very moment, every single day for the last week or more.

Winter boredom  -  EXIT, stage left.

This year, the fabulous new additions include Australian Pilbara jasper with its wild criss cross patterns, Mexico’s gorgeous Berrendo RED agate, which looks much like the old Tabasco thundereggs, pink chalcedony (think extra gemmy confetti agate),  and the knockout Sonora Sunrise, a stunning blend of blue green chrysocolla with blood red cuprite.  

In the great haul, I also lucked into an extraordinary piece of Strawberry Patch Paint Rock agate, a genuine rarity from Tennessee.  It’s a translucent agate with countless tiny peachy pink colored ‘bubbles’.  Just marvelous stuff, I sure wish I had a lot more.

Other recent acquisitions are mushroom picture jasper, snake eyes agate, red crazy lace agate,  and some truly outstanding tourmalinated quartz.  Plus, MORE Prudent Man plume agate, the new Australian brecciated mookaite, Polish flint, and a great big bag full of hand picked sparkly Oco geodes.   Some KILLER chrysoprase and spiderwebbed variscite in the rough, as well as a few nice slices of ocean jasper, wave dolomite, and Nipomo marcasite too.  And plenty more! 

But the real highlight of last weekend’s show was finally being able to get my hands on a decent selection of Janet and George Sechler’s Royal Sahara jasper, exciting NEW rough from North Africa.  It’s a fine grained porcelain jasper, a lot like Biggs and Deschutes jaspers, but with even more exotic patterning.  Polishes like a dream, too.  Simply amazing stuff!  If you haven’t yet seen it, you should click here, and buy the next piece that tickles your fancy!  I’ll have some new and unique cabs up next week, and for sure will include at least one cab of RSJ.  -shamelss plug-

The exhiliration won’t wear off for at least a month, but already I’m chomping at the bit for next year’s show.  The good news is, spring is really just around the corner now, which means travelling down to Richardson’s Ranch is too.  Can’t wait!!



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