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~ Prudent man plume agate cab ~

Offered here is an intriguing cabochon of Prudent Man plume agate, from the #1 vein in eastern Idaho. This new material certainly cuts appealing stones, and I'm really fond of its green to greenish yellow plumes, something of a rarity in the rock world. This one is an extraordinary example, showing a multitude of fancy plumage with a lighter colored lacy edge. The purplish gray agate and the meandering ribbon of red also add much to the composition. I don't have a lot of this lovely plume material to work with, so if it appeals to you, grab it! This substantial stone has a high rounded dome of 6.5mm, and a crisp designer 'scimitar' shape that's polished to a brilliant shine both front and back.

Size: 66x24mm
Weight: approximately 66 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale$59.00


prudent man

Prudent man plume agate







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