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27 February 2011

Lucky find of ojitos imperial jasper nodules!!

in: lapidary — Silverhawk @ 7:40 pm

This sampling of old stock royal imperial jasper (below) was the highlight of our haul from Tucson 2011, for me.  (It’s called “royal” when it contains orb patterns.)  I haven’t seen such fabulous nodules available in years, and heard the deposit was all but mined out long ago. The gunny sack full we purchased was part of an old horde from several decades back, and I am absolutely THRILLED to have it!

Orby ojitos imperial nodules

Here’s an extra fancy stone cut from one of the nodules: 

Super orby figures and sweet coloration!

Exciting stuff, for sure! If you appreciate orby imperial jasper as much as I do, please be sure to watch for the upcoming cabs over the next few months. You won’t be disappointed!



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