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8 May 2008

SONORA SUNRISE, the new chrysocolla/cuprite blend!

in: lapidary — Silverhawk @ 4:02 am

Wow, have you seen the new Sonora Sunrise?  Fresh from this year’s shows, this vivid chrysocolla / cuprite blend is the most eye catching material, ever!  It has striking blood red and greenish blue colors, and it cuts astonishing cabochons that are perfect for today’s fine designer jewelry.  Takes a surprisingly nice polish too, a lot better than one might expect.  I hear the deposit was found in a Mexican copper mine, but details like that have a way of changing, over time.  The only facts I’m 100% sure of are that I LOVE THIS STUFF, it’s to-die-for GORGEOUS, and YOU will love it too!!  Below are a couple photos showing 7+ pounds of hand selected rough I now have here to work with:

Choice pieces of Sonora Sunrise rough

Choice pieces of Sonora Sunrise rough

Viewed close up:

Very exciting material, indeed. No doubt these remarkable pieces will make excellent cabs (and jewelry!), and I hope you’ll be watching for them so you can make them yours. You won’t be disappointed!



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