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IMPORTANT NOTICE: BY ORDERING OR USING THE GRAPHICS IN ANY WAY AFFIRMS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ITS TERMS. If you do not agree to ALL the terms of this Agreement, you must not order, download or use the Software, and you must promptly delete it from your computer or server's directory.

If you agree to the terms and wish to purchase, please fill out this form completely, print it out, and sign it.

I agree not to alter Silverhawk's graphics in any way. (No re-sizing, cropping, compressing, cutting, filtering, re-coloring or tinting, or using any part or pieces to make another graphic, and/or making any other changes to the originals.)
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I agree not to redristribute or sell Silverhawk's graphics. Graphics from this disk may NOT be included in, or offered from, any collection or other graphics sites, either online or in any other type of media. Silverhawk's graphics are not to be used as e-mail decoration, please. Please do not copy or reprint Silverhawk's graphics by any means, for use anywhere but on the 'net, without prior written permission. yes no
I agree to give credit by displaying and linking a Silverhawk's Graphics logo on any page using a Silverhawk's graphic set, or any part of a set. (This is to be displayed on EACH page where you use Silverhawk's graphics. All links should be directed to "" ONLY please.) yes no
I have read and agree to abide by all of the above terms. yes no

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