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~ Royal Sahara jasper cab ~

Offered here is a splendid designer cabochon of the new Royal Sahara jasper, recently harvested in the North African Sahara desert. It's the newest addition to the beloved family of porcelain jaspers, and has so much going for it, it's difficult to describe... It compares well to the old Deschutes and Biggs jaspers, with even wilder, more colorfully exotic patterns. This particular cab has a decidedly scenic quality, with ribbons of rich reddish brown, varying shades of creamy ochre and tan, with an area of unusual greenish brown. Some nice black dendrites too, adding to the illusion of a high mountain lake embraced by mountainous terrain. It's an INSTANT CLASSIC; whether you're a collector or a jewelry designer, try a cab of Royal Sahara jasper and you'll see, this stuff is pure magic. This hefty stone has a high rounded dome of 6+mm, and a versatile rectangular shape that enhances and contains the scenic pattern wonderfully well. Like the other more familiar porcelain jaspers, it is very hard, and took a great glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 52x30 mm
Weight: approximately 68 carats

Price: SOLD Current gemstones for sale $89.00


Royal Sahara

Royal Sahara jasper





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